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AT&T GoPhone

AT&T's prepaid service - you can purchase a bring-your-own-phone starter kit (i.e. just a SIM card) from Radioshack for $10.

The only reasonable smartphone plan is $60/month for 2GB data, and additional data can be purchased at $10/GB. It may be better value to use StraightTalk's $45/month plan that gives you 2.5GB data on the AT&T network.

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Smartphone plan overview

AT&T GoPhone operates on the GSM 850/1900, UMTS 850/1900 bands and is compatible with AT&T.

The best smartphone plan that we've located is the $60 Smartphone Monthly Unlimited with Data plan:

  • 2 GB data cap
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited text messages

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$ 60 /month

Setup fees

  • Shipping $6.99
  • SIM card $9.99